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Dear Ones, there is the science behind the Law ofAttraction, and that science is the Law of Belief. The Law of Belief governswhat you create in your lives. Within the Law of Belief are the addendums ofthe life 'set ups' you plan and contract to yourself for growth. But thelessons you arrange are met through your confrontation and disciplined effort. It is therefore essential that you fully realize that youare never at the mercy of events, you are not helplessly fated to face theunexplainable like a ship lost at sea. Masters, neither psychological eventsnor physical events have control over you. When you humans fully comprehend the vast capacity ofyour brain to hold a diversity of conclusive beliefs associated with yourexperiences, you will see that you have an infinite array of choices. But for those of you stuck in old patterns and limitingbeliefs, you are mired in a repetitive cycle of predetermined responses,including the propensity to block new solutions through denial of betterthinking. In that sense if you do not learn from past errors, you are self-fated to repeat them . Indeed you will repeat the cycle until you learn how theprocess of achieving Divine Mind functions. That is true for all humans. You must challenge yourself to break free.



Three Laws


There are three separately governed processes under theLaw of Attraction. The three have succinctly different criteria for achievement.Let us define the primary aspect of each Law:

 . The Law of Attraction – Thoughts have a frequency and attract like frequencies

. The Law of Belief : Knowing beyond doubt. You can only manifest what you believe is possible

. The Law of Conscious Creation : The conscious ability to focally manifest objectives & events via Mer-multidimensional mind in Mer-Ka-Na.





意識創造性法則:意識通過多維度意識的梅爾卡巴實現創造目標/ 事件的過程


Soul Contract Set-Ups


And so we again stress emphatically that it is yourbeliefs that are projected to form your individual and group reality. As we have discussed in the previous messages on thistopic, there are scenarios planned by your higher self, your Divine Mindaspect, that may be termed ' set-ups' or soul-contracts that you yourself havechosen as growth lessons to assist you in moving into greater wisdom. With that reminder in hand, we also tell you that 'karma'in your terms, is not a debt owed to one from another, in the higher sense.Rather it is ever to the Self, it is balancing the Divine Self.

因此我們再次強調是你們的信仰構成了你們自己和群組的" 真實" 。如我們在之前的信息中討論的,你們的高我,或者說你們神聖的意識,會制定自己的成長計劃,這個計劃可以被稱為你們的“設定”或者靈魂契約。這些契約是為了你們為了走向更高層次智慧,完成自己的成長課程所設定的。除了 以上幾條,我們還告訴大家,從更高的角度,你們語言中的“因果報應”並不是一方虧欠另一方的債務。它實際上是對自己的“債務”,它在平衡著神聖的自己。


Let us also assert that if you have a goal or objectivein 3d that would conflict with higher self, it will not in most cases bemanifest, unless it is chosen as a growth lesson. For example if a humandesires wealth, and that wealth would either be misused or stop the growthprocess, the higher self may reject such a desire from manifesting. In somecases, humans who have all of their 3d material 'needs' met, are less compelledto search for expansion.



Dear Ones, when you find yourself in the confines of anyexperience that is uncomfortable or not to your liking, you must understandthat YOU created that seeming conundrum. Within this axiom, there are indeed,within duality, scenarios in linear time that you must face. Whether oneaccepts it or not, every circumstance and every resulting action, however dire,was absolutely self created.



If, for example, in an extreme circumstance a crime isactually committed, and an individual is duly sentenced to prison, thoseactions will be faced and experienced. The sentenced prisoner cannot, in mostduality circumstances, simply wish it away. Rather they must face the dualitythey have themselves created in linear time. There are Laws of Cause and Effectin 3d that will play themselves out. R esponsibility for not only your actions, but indeed foryour beliefs is a key part of your growing process on the planet of lesson.Owning both is essential. But by facing them, you can change the landscapearound you.

如果,比如說,在某種極端的情況某人確實犯了罪,犯罪者在適當的時候被送入監獄,這些行為造成的後果會被面對,並體驗。被審判的罪犯在二元世界的絕大多數情況,是不可能憑主觀臆想逃脫的。相反,他們必鬚麵對他們在線性時間內創造的問題。在三維空間內有因果報應會自然地完成這種補償。除了 行為很重要,你們的信仰也是你們在這顆充滿課程的星球成長過程中非常重要的部分。擁有兩者是非常重要的。通過面對行為和信仰,你們會改變你們周圍世界的景象。


Dear Human, you must understand whenever you seek toavoid the responsibility for your own actions, you generally do so byattempting to give that responsibility, the 'blame', to some other individual,group or cause. But in that process of shifting blame, you unconsciously giveaway your power, and take away the ownership that allows you to 're-create'. In kind, as we have already explained in the secondsegment of this discussion, the difficulty most of you have in accepting selfresponsibility for your behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain and guiltof the consequences of the very actions that resulted. You don't like to admityour errors. But in less obvious circumstances of abundance lack anduntoward relationships, you must not only change the nature of your consciousthoughts, but also the belief in those very expectations….and then act on thosebeliefs.



Unconscious Programming


You create our own reality from what you choose tobelieve about yourselves, and the world around you. Period. If you do notdeliberately & consciously choose your own beliefs, you are unconsciouslyprogrammed. You will mindlessly absorb them from your 3d culture, schooling andsurroundings. If you are accountable  and responsible for your actions, howcan you afford NOT to question your beliefs? How you define yourself, and theworld around you, forms your belief, which, in turn, forms your reality.



Once you fully comprehend that your beliefs form reality,then and only then are you no longer a captive of the events you experience.You simply have to learn the mechanics & methods. It is only when you believe, and program that belief tofully override and replace previous erroneous beliefs, that the integral fieldof the triad of the 3 step function of own, change, action is completed. In theprocess, thoughts must harmonize with beliefs and be followed by ACTION ! So we devote the remainder of this discourse to consciouscreation. Keeping in mind that you are advanced on the path in order toconsciously create.

一旦你們完全理解你們的信仰塑造著真實,而且只有那個時候,你們才不會成為你們所經歷事件的俘虜。你們只需要學會機制/ 方法。只有當你相信,並且改變你們的信仰系統,用新的信仰改變並替換錯誤的系統,認識自我,改變,行動的三部曲才能完成。在這個過程中,思想必須和信仰以及隨之而來的行動相和諧一致!所以我們將餘下所揭示的內容轉向意識的創造。請記住你們正在走向意識創造的路上。


You Are Not at the Mercy of Circumstance


You are NOT at the mercy of your circumstances, but thatbelief is, interestingly, the reason you erroneously think you are. Take amoment to consider that. It is the Law of Belief. If you believe that circumstances have you trapped, thenthey do, and will until you change that core belief. You are creators learninghow to co-create. You are here to learn that you can and do create. One of yourkey reasons for being in duality Earth is to learn how to create responsibly,and consciously. The principle professor is often Dr.Cause & Effect, andthis doctor makes house calls!



You reap what you sow and however uncomfortable, theuntoward harvest is the very means for consideration of what got you there. To break out of circumstances that are caused by ourpsychology, requires conscious disciplined effort for change to occur. The key again is your belief. There is little differenceif you believe that your present life is caused by incidents in your earlychildhood or by past lives over which you equally feel you have no control.Your events, your lives, your experiences, are caused by your present beliefs.Change the present beliefs and your life changes, not only in the present, butin the past and future in kind. That is the creative power of belief. Masters, regardless of your level of Light Quotient,whether you are unconsciously creating or consciously manifesting, you cannotescape your beliefs. They are the enzymes through which you create yourexperience.


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