These bio chemicals are sent as coded neurons, and are thedelivery mechanism of this thought-energy, containing all the codified datanecessary for translating any thought or image into physical actuality, or not
。Thoughts that are congruent with beliefmove to reproduce the inner image within the brain and through each nerve fiberof the body physical. These then are the initial fires of gestation for formingthe new reality. The next step is through clear mind intent, the force ofwill, will driven by the acceleration of emotion and feeling. This done, thephysical body releases the objective in a digital code to the sublime body, theintact Auric Field in a semi solid, congealed light code, projected andaccelerated from the chakric system.


The Aura must be intact, and optimal in 13-20-33 cycleand reach. It then passes through the Mer-Ki-Va to Mer-Ka-Va to Mer-Ka-Nafield. All propelled by will. The clarity and intensity you insert behind thethought-desire or goal determines to a great degree the immediacy of itsmaterialization. Once you learn the mechanics of conscious creation it isessential then to utilize the engine of genuine desire with image visualizationand emotion to complete the process of physical manifestation.


The Law of Conscious Creation

There is no physical object about you, nor any experiencein your life that you have not created. This includes your physical form, yourbody . Masters, there is nothing about your own physical image that you havenot made. In fact if you were able to view self in other life sojourns, youwould be surprised at how many similar physical characteristics you create inwhat would be termed sequential lifetimes.When you have Divine Wisdom, you can create kingdomsunlimited. When you have knowledge, there is nothing to fear, for then there isno thing, no element, no principality, no understanding that can ever threatenor enslave or intimidate you. When fear is given knowledge, it is called enlightenment.


You have a natural rhythm of existing in the physical andnon physical. It is your waking and sleep state. Dreams are one of yourgreatest natural therapies and assets as connectors between the interior andexterior realities and universes.Your normal consciousness benefits by excursions and restin those other fields of nonphysical actuality that are entered when you sleep,and the so-called sleeping consciousness will also benefit by frequentexcursions into the physical matter waking state.But let us tell you that the imagery you see in both isat its base, mental interpretations of digital frequential fields of coreconsciousness units. The frequency that your brain receives is actually adigital code, a crystalline pattern of symbols ( akin to what you may term asX’s and O’s), that you interpret and translate into images and feelings.It is not so difficult for you to accept that you createyour dreams, as it is to accept that you also create your physical reality, butyou do both. You also determine if both or either are real…or not.


Re-Emphasizing the Blockage of Doubt

The issue most humans have in not changing their beliefsis blind acceptance of mental 3d programming. You can think positive thoughts,think positive change, but if in your deeper mind you doubt they will occur,then they will not. So we return to programming and its effect onmanifestation within the Law of Attraction. Doubt is one blockage that preventsmanifestation of your desires. If you doubt, you do not believe. Doubt in thebrain creates a bio-chemical reaction. It activates a neuron carrier in thebrain that flows from the Pituitary gland to the Pineal and blocks the‘gateway’ from opening. The doubt is there because you do not believe.


The Pineal

Through the ages it has been known that the Pineal is theinterface between the higher dimensions and the physical realm. It can be saidthen to be the gateway between the ego personality, brain and the Divine Mind.It has been termed by metaphysicians such as Descartes and Edgar Cayce as beingthe ‘Seat of the Soul’.The pineal is the agent of advancing knowing into realitymanifestation. The pineal works with the pituitary to open the bridge, thegateway between the physical and nonphysical, between brain and mind. Whateverknowledge you allow yourself to believe can only become a reality by the pinealfirst opening the gate to the Divine. It does this by interpreting thefrequency of thought into a thermal bio chemical electrical current throughoutyour body and opening to mind. Your human brain transforms the thoughts you generateinto thousands of bio-chemicals every second. Not every thought of the ordinarybrain reaches into Higher Mind, as we have explained.


Divine Mind

Divine Wisdom comes from Divine Mind, and when you allowmind to take the reins over ego personality you achieve the wisdom of DivineCreativity. It is this wisdom distilled from knowledge that gives you theability to enter the Law of Creation. Once entered, then know what you want tocreate and take action toward it.The human body is an instrument that can be used toaccess the amazing and extraordinary energies of the Divine. But there arededicated principles for accessing the Divine. When the body is fine tuned,wisdom is achieved, the aura is maintained in balance to achieve Mer-Ka-Na, andthe doors to the Law of Creation through the Law of Belief and Attraction are opened.For that to occur, all systems must work in balancedsynchronicity. If you use your body for physical gratification rather than asan instrument to achieve the divine…you will reap what you sow.



You are ever the Master of each experience. Even in yourmost abandoned states of seeming helplessness, you are the scripter of eachiota of that experience.Yet if you will utilize determination and wisdom byowning the responsibility to reflect upon your situation, and to searchdiligently for the Law upon which being is established, you then become thewise master, directing your energies with intelligence, and fashioning thoughtsto worthy focus and realization.One thought attracts another. Positive energy attractsmore positive energy. One intelligent thought attracts another. Likewise whenyou dwell in self pity, depression and issues of poor self esteem, you drawmore of these to you. That is the Law of Attraction.Such is the conscious human, the Master, and you can onlythus evolve by discovering within Self the Laws of Conscious Creating ; thediscovery of which is totally a regulated science. It is a matter ofapplication, self-analysis, and experience.i





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