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Greetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now as there is much that needs to be disclosed prior to the 9/9 portal. To begin, many of you have noticed the remarkable changes that continue to occur not only upon your planet, but within your own being as well. These changes are of your own manifestation! As more are awakening, the process toward peace and harmony continues to undergo a quickening. Many new forms of information and teachings of ancient sciences are now becoming more available via your internet networks.




This brings much joy to myself and all of those who watch and guide you each day toward reclaiming your oringinal divine blueprint. This is why I have come, to illuminate the pathways of knowledge, so that you may walk them and turn that knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom that will set you free, set your family free, and eventually set free all that choose the path of wisdom. However, knowledge itself will not be enough, it is when you put that knowledge into action, by sharing, but acting upon it, that it becomes true wisdom. Waiting will not serve you, acting will.




Many of you are now finding that people you have never met, yet somehow are very familiar to you, are reaching out to you, to connect and share their wisdom and experience with you. You knows who these people are, you have known them for much longer than you may at first realize. Embrace them as your family, as that is what they are.




This is perhaps the greatest obstacle of human development, self doubt. You must learn to become comfortable in your own thoughts, they do not betray you, it is the ego mind that betrays you, that seeks to slow your development and clouds your mind with doubt and fear. I say to you, let go! Trust in yourself, in your ability, you are much more wise and powerful than you could ever imagine. When you begin to trust yourself and your intention, you will see that miracles do indeed happen. Synchronicity increases, and this will be your confirmation that you are on the right path.




With the revival of the ancient teachings, comes revelation. What you may have thought was reality, is in fact merely an illusion. This is due to the fact that information can be so easily manipulated and altered to further the confusion. Discernment is of the utmost import to you all now, it is absolutely vital that you not only absorb, but also discern the information that you come across.




I wish to disclose to you now what some of what this revelation actually is. The light you call your sun, is a light of bi-polarity. This is so to say, that everything it graces is also of bi-polarity.




Eventually you will all know this to be truth, simply look at yourselves, you have a left hand and a right hand, a left brain and a right brain, trees have leaves, and they have roots. It is as I have said, that which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above. This is what the caduceus wand represents, there are two sides to every coin. This is one of the greatest lessons you have come here to learn, to integrate both sides of this polarity. In the grand multiverse symphony of creation, there are ups and downs, when you come to accept this, you will accept both with ease and grace. The trial is the lesson, the outcome is the reward. Were there not this bi-polar system, there would not be any spiritual development at all. Simply look at your own experiences, from hardship, comes wisdom, comes experience, comes ascension!




With ascension, comes new thought forms and sensual perceptions. Some of these include the ability to "hear light", and "see sound". Do not be alarmed by this, you are developing and activating further DNA strands that are allowing these things to come into your perception. You may also notice glowing aura around most all objects, or a ghostly image above them, let this be further confirmation for you that you are indeed on your way to ascension.




As I speak of the path to ascenion, I feel it necessary to also speak of pitfalls that you can avoid on this path. There is no shortcut to ascension. There is nothing of an alchemical or technological means of reaching natural ascension. While it may seem this is true, rest assured it is not. Let no one offer you any types of shortcut along your pathway to ascension, for it is your path and your path alone. Discern who is there to guide you, with natural wisdom, and who is there to offer you other means of so called development.




In the coming months of your earthly time, there will be much unrest of the tectonic plates as the planet continues its own changes. Prepare yourself, and others for this accordingly. It is clearly becoming evident now that these changes are occuring, and will continue to do so, if you are prepared or not.




There is an old addage that states, many care not of strife until it happens to them. This is truth, for if it were not, humanity would have united long ago. Do not be caught un prepared!




As the further integration of infinite time flows into your consciousness, so does infinite knowledge. You are blessed with the free will to do what you wish with this knowledge. Will you turn it to wisdom? For your own benefit or for the benefit of all? Which timelines will you activate for yourselves? I say to you, choose wisely. Time passes in the blink of an eye, make the most of it by leaving behind no regrets, knowing you served yourself and others to the highest degree of your capability.




When you find yourselves lost in confusion, call upon me. I am here and ready to guide you, to help you to help yourselves along your path of development and experience. Remember always that your thoughts are creating your experience, master them so that they serve you in the best ways possible. This message I read to you now, you have come across for a reason, you were meant to see this and you were ready to receive it. In infinite love, I am looking this way. Blessings in light!





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